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Older Version History

6.6.5 20th February, 2007 (Maintenance Release) 

File=>Export=HTML - Fixed incorrect number of logs being exported when > 10 logs selected (more information)
Fixed corrected coordinates "glitch" when copying a waypoint that does not to a waypoint that does (more information)
Bubble hints replaced with standard Windows hint to prevent crash on some systems (more information)
Fixed a "quirk" when adding a waypoint and a filter is active (more information)
Fixed "error" when updating Lat/Lon in the macro language and International settings has decimal separator as a , (comma) more information
More accurate calculation of Bearing (N,NE,E,SE,....) GSAK was previously rounding the degrees to a whole number before calculating this bearing.
Fixed problem with User Data 2 and sorting with multiple columns in the macro language (more information)
Fixed obscure rounding problem with some calculations in the macro language (more information)
Fixed rare miscalculation of owner name (more information)
Fixed bug with child database variables $d_cUrl returning the parent URL
Fixed a Smart names bug that would sometimes cause a crash and leave your smart names blank.
Changed Local URL syntax from file:// to file:/// (more information)
Fixed $d_UserNoteDate not being recognized as a valid database variable
Moved "Show on OziExplorer map" to the very last option on right click menu
All progress dialogs now "stay on top"
Includes the latest 1.3.2 release of GPSBabel.exe (more information)
Added version 1.9.5 of CacheMate CMConvert.exe to install (more information)
GPSGames GPX files now support HTML in the logs
Fixed a problem when switching between saved filters that are mutually exclusive (more information)
Changed Macro command MacroSet to recognize the "Load" dialog (same as Open)

6.6.4 2nd November, 2006 (Maintenance Release) 

Fixed Database=>Save as not saving corresponding child waypoints (more information)
Fixed Crash caused by loading GPX files and your international settings had the date separator as a space
Fixed Tab order of debug dialog (more information)
Fixed invalid macro expression caused by using not( in the Mfilter command 
Fixed crash caused by running a macro with Speedmode status=off and then updating Latitude or Longitude
Fixed crash caused by running a macro and using any of the RegEx functions with an invalid regular expression
Fixed loading of GSAK generated GPX files not handling the "lock" status correctly
Fixed Ozi Explorer attachment prompt generating Offline pages that did not show images with the FireFox browser
Fixed a scenario where the CacheMate export would include original coordinates rather than corrected coordinates
Fixed a bug when using the $_Count system variable and the Table command (more information)
Fixed clip command not working with empty string (more information)
Fixed crash when receiving waypoints from GPSr and a waypoint does not have a name (more information)
Fixed caches loading with missing details (more information)
Fixed problems with macro Str() and Val() functions when international settings has the decimal separator as a comma (more information)
Fixed problem where some changes in the grid were not updating the "Last user" changed date (more information)
Changed "centre point=>Show current in MapQuest" to use new syntax (more information)
Fixed macro COLOR command not working on some columns (more information)
Fixed macro function GeoCalc() problem with Degrees seconds format (more information
Fixed eXplorist export not updating total number of child waypoints (in the dialog caption) when changing From and To values.
Fixed MFILTER "soft looping" problem (more information)
Fixed crash when exiting from macro command CHOOSE (more information)
Export of LOC files are now correctly entity encoded (more information)
User data 2 now displays in all generated HTML
More recovery options after abnormal termination
Included latest version (1.9.5) of CMConvert (Palm cachemate users will now see comments in child waypoints)
Clean up of ind*.tmp files left in your temp folder after a GetMail download
Line feeds are now preserved when exporting user notes to CacheMate
Mapping exports that support an offline URL link now convert the child waypoints to the corresponding parent offline page rather than the Groundspeak online page (more information)
Add/update/Delete of corrected coordinates now also update the last user changed date (previously did not)
Loading then updating with LOC files now removes the "by" in the cache name (more information)
Debug dialog now detects if a string contains binary data then displays it in Hex (more information)
Includes GPSBabel version 1.3.1 which fixes amongst other things the broken Win98 serial transfer. For a complete list of changes see this link

6.6.3 21st August, 2006 (Maintenance Release) 

Fixed "unable to locate Palm install tool" for some users when exporting to CacheMate
Fixed Ozi Explorer export missing child waypoint type of "Reference point"
Doing a Global replace of the "User Note" should also update the User note date to the current date - now fixed.
Found logs now interrogated immediately if you change your method for matching placed and found caches (more information)
Fixed bug where a filter on Travel bugs = No, returned same result as Travelbugs = Yes (more information)
Fixed found count not updating after CacheMate logs (more information)
Fixed scenario where entering certain "remove problem characters" could generate invalid GPX files
Fixed a small bug in the SaveFilter()/RestoreFilter() macro functions (more information)
Fixed a crash caused by using the macro centre command with no caches in the database
Fixed a bug in the XML reader that manifests itself with some foreign (to GSAK) GPX files (more information)
Fixed "additional waypoints" that were loaded as "normal waypoints" truncating some comments (more information)
Fixed special tag %hint so that it now correctly supports the %hint=nn syntax (more information)
Fixed macro error when trying to update the database variables $d_latitude or $d_longitude and your international settings has your decimal separator as a , (comma)
Fixed database rename to work with database names that contain accented characters (more information)
Correct placement of notes when using the "import notes" option and log notes also exist. (more information)
File=>Export=>CSV/TXT now generates distance with two decimal places (more information)
Spaces are now permitted as part of the waypoint code (more information)
Added option to remove CR/LF from CacheMate logs (more information)
Added extra notes and better error messages for Pocket PC CacheMate users that try to use the Palm CacheMate export. 
Load and about screen better support > 96 DPI settings
Macro editor is now forced to the active application on Windows XP when initiated from the "Edit macro" button after a macro error.
Macro If/While errors (no corresponding endif/endwhile) now show the standard debug error box rather than just an error message
Macro editor now supports a new option (Ctrl-R) to save and then run the macro.
Ozi Explorer "Open File attachment" then selecting the "search" option, now brings the main GSAK screen to the front and positions to the corresponding waypoint (more information)
Added extra Lowrance icons (more information)
Screenshot (Shift-Ctrl-F10) now creates smaller PNG files and option provided to upload to the GSAK server for posting in the forums.
Includes latest final release 1.3.0 of GPSBabel. For a complete list of changes please see

6.6.2 25th June, 2006 (Maintenance Release) 

CacheMate Export now interrogates the registry key "DesktopPath" to find the Palm install tool (more information)
Added "Owner Name" to variable list for global replace
Added support for Denmark post codes 
Fixed "grid lock up" when using %macro special tag via Tools=>Options=>HTML then taking the "Show offline in browser" option (more information).
Last GPX load date will now be set to the current date if the GPX file indicates it is in the future
Added "Reference Point" to list of supported child waypoint types
Changed Delorme symbol "GeocacheFound" to "Geocache Found" (more information)
Slight tweak to "unfound count box" to better accommodate totals > 9999
Slight performance boost when calculating "count boxes" for large databases
Fixed backup not showing database names that contained a . (period)
Fixed crash when using %smart=nn with child waypoints 
Fixed found count bug after database repair/defrag
Fixed problems associated with updating variable $d_Travelbugs in a macro (more information)
Fixed Status bar interpreting & as the keyboard accelerator character (more information
Fixed macro crash when using SPEEDMODE status=off and updating database variable $d_TempDisabled (more information)
Fixed a problem when using multiple date literals with the MFilter command
Fixed a problem where User flag would be protected and not allow update until another column is selected (only happens if the user flag column is the second column in the grid and the first column is locked)
Fixed a bug when using GPSBabel generated GPX files to load into GSAK and no data was loaded.
Fixed an issue for Nordic/Scandinavian users regarding HTML index and sorting V/W (more information)
Fixed problem of "download accelerator type software" showing a message when GSAK is running 
Fixed a crash caused by entering a relative path when loading a folder of zip files (for example "\temp" rather than "c:\temp" (error only happens on zip files, and only when you enter from the keyboard directly)
Fixed error message ''There are no caches in this database to set a centre point" when opening a database which had previously had all waypoints deleted.
Fixed a bug where data entered directly into the grid (user sort for example) would not be updated if you immediately clicked on a column heading before pressing enter.
Fixed incorrect count of child waypoints when using from and to (more information)
Fixed incorrect archived count when using F3 to toggle status and current filter set to show available caches only
Fixed "Invalid variant type conversion" error when using macro variable $d_UserSort on databases created with older versions of GSAK

6.6.1 22nd May, 2006 (Maintenance Release) 

Fixed performance and several other related problems when using the %macro special tag
Fixed a bug where the "abort" button would show on some progress dialogs when it should not 
Fixed typo in right mouse click "Delete child waypoints" option
Fixed total counts not updating when changing locations and you are filtering by distance
Fixed GPX export child waypoint names not encoding & correctly as &
Fixed a long standing issue of a filter dialog freeze after running some resource hungry filters (especially arc/poly filters) more information
Fixed expression engine error if left hand side (before =) of if or while expression contained parenthesis (more information)
Fixed TomTom child waypoint settings not being "sticky" 
Fixed problem of "Macro run" tool bar button running old version of macro engine
Fixed export dialog buttons being "disabled" after error (more information)
Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when using command DATASAVE with $d_MacroFlag on newly added waypoints.
Fixed status bar sizing "quirk" (more information)
Fixed problem with MACROSET command stripping out " (double quotes) more information
Fixed %c_Code1 tag not working for File=>Export=>GPX (more information)
MapSend waypoint name max length now checked to make sure it is less than or equal to 8 characters (more information)
Removed the warning dialog when getting centre point from GPSr 
Speed improvements when exporting child waypoints to GPX and CacheMate 
Disabled use of child special tags for Street Atlas export (more information)
Better error message and trapping when using invalid symbols in macro variable names
Menu option Macro=>Clear now remains on current waypoint in grid rather than moving to first waypoint
Using Macro command "Setcolor color=clear" now remains on current waypoint rather than moving to first waypoint
CacheMate export updated to now use latest version of CMCONVERT (more information)
Child waypoint database variable for URL missing. Now added $d_cUrl as a valid child database variable.
Added new macro command VerCheck <Version=x.x.x.xx> (more information)
When loading multiple files, GSAK now interrogates the time stamp inside the GPX file to determine load order. If there is no time stamp (LOC file for example) then GSAK uses the physical file date. (more information)
Added basic math/trig functions to the macro language (Frac, Int, Exp, Log, Ln, Sin, Cos, ArcSin, ArcCos, Sinh, Cosh, ArcSinh, ArcCosh, Tan, CoTan, ArcTan, Tanh, ArcTanh, Sqr, Sqrt, Abs)

Includes latest Beta version of GPSBabel.exe which adds support for the following Garmin models:

Forerunner 205
Forerunner 305
StreetPilot 2720
StreetPilot 2730
StreetPilot 7200
StreetPilot 7500

For a complete list of updates please see the GPSBabel revision history 

6.6.0 16th April,  2006 (Major Release) 

Complete re write of the underlying macro engine (more information)
Added "additional" waypoint support (more info

6.5.2 1st February, 2006 (Maintenance Release) 

Option on GPX load to exclude the new additional waypoints
$_Version system variable is now valid 
Locations drop down box is now synchronized when changing databases (more information)
Check to make sure "delay in millisecs" and "beep on name" search are not both selected as configured options (more information)
Added link to GSAK home page on main help menu
User2 30 character limit now checked and enforced in edit dialog
Move copy of waypoints now correctly recalculates the distance from the new centre point
Changed wording for USB box on GPSr setup to prevent confusion when using USB to serial adapters
The GSAK "temp" folder is now protected against using it to load GPX files (more information)
Move/copy now also recalculates smart names for the destination database
"Tools=>Send debug info to Clyde" now includes GPSBabel work files for easier problem resolution with GPSBabel related issues. 
Fixed a problem with changing the sort column colour only working for the "Waypoint name" column. 

6.5.1 8th January, 2006 (Maintenance Release) 

Fixed GPX export bug when selecting found logs and using multi user matching ( more information)
Fixed crash in SpoilerSync Macro when GSAK macro string buffer was full (when a cache had more than 75 pictures)
Fixed <macro> problem where settings not being saved to file 
Fixed a problem with the GetSpecial command not returning $result as the correct string variable
Fixed "&" problem in custom urls (now escaped as %26) (more information)
Fixed waypoint jumping to incorrect record in grid after edit. (more information)
Log filter would allow the input of invalid dates - Fixed.
Saved log filters that contained dates - when restored works ok but the "visible" setting ignored and you can't see the dates - fixed.
Fixed Macro Speedmode issue (more information)
Add waypoint now defaults to cache type of "Other"
Added support for BeeLineGPS GPX files

6.5.0 12th December,  2005 (Major Release) 

Complete post code file overhaul. For more information see this link 
Added new post code files for France and Canada, added mores post codes to the USA file
New summary dialog at the end of loading a GPX/ZIP/LOC file
New change log showing before and after images of GPX load changes
New Coordinate grabber. Grab coordinates from the GSAK database, the clipboard, or a text file. 
Added "special" index to the HTML export
Added rename of attachments using subject line when downloading using GetMail
Added to centre point menu "Get from GPSr" (currently Garmin only)
Added centre point menu option to add current as waypoint 
Added Native Lowrance USR export 
Added name search last 5 and favorites.
Added support for the new "All finds PQ"
Added configuration of smart name drop words
Added User data 2 - Another user data field for custom use
Added Found Count - number of times you have found a cache
Added Log count - number of logs for this cache
Added FTF - First to find (must be updated manually)
Added Changed Date - date the data was actually changed by a GPX file
Added "Decrypt key" at end of condensed print.
Added Lowrance and Explorist exports to GPSr menu
Added "Waypoint name" to list of columns able to replace in the global replace dialog
Added "online page" to list of formats supported for split screen
Added <OnlyText> and <OnlyHTML> codes to user notes
Macro speed improvements, especially when iterating through a database. 
Added Macro command DataSave <Data=Db Field(s)>
Added Macro command DataRestore <Data=Db Field(s)>
Added macro command FileErase <File=FilePath> [<OnError=Abort|Prompt|Continue>]
Added Macro Command FileCopy <From=Filename> <To=Filename> [<OnError=Abort|Prompt|Continue>]
Added macro command GRAB <Settings=Name> [<ShowStats=No|Yes>]
Added macro command DELAY <MS=Milliseconds>
Added macro command VSUB <Status=On|Off>
Added macro command GETSPECIAL <data="Special tag(s)">
Added FileRead  and EndRead macro commands
Added [<Lock=dbfields>] to Load macro command
Renamed macro command OpenFile to FileOpen
Added macro function NumToString - Convert number to a string
Added macro function Str - convert number to string with decimal precision
Added $_degrees system variable 
Added $_version system variable 
Poly/arc filter load file now supports Mapsource GDB route files, S&T EST route files, and AutoRoute AXE route files
Delete waypoint dialog now shows total number of waypoints about to be deleted for each option selected
Removed Cachemate generation timeout value
New automatic update check - works behind firewalls and proxy servers and prevents freezes and lock ups.
Changed all message boxes to a custom version rather than the windows default message box. 
Date filter tab overhaul - all date filters now have a more intuitive default value of "not applicable"
Macro editor is now a separate program
Recoding of starting a GSAK 2nd instance
Distance - changed from 1 decimal place to 2 decimal places
Removed trailing delimiter when using the macro TextOut function
Changed global replace dialog to automatically close if replace causes your filter to now have zero records
Double mouse click on bearing now shows bearing degrees
Calculation of distance and bearing no longer done when changing databases - not required (much quicker when swapping large databases)
Special tags %lat and %lon now also support %lat=x and %lon=x different formats
Moved saving of locations to gsak.dbf rather than GSAK.ini - makes loading and closing the config dialog quicker when you have many locations
Changed "watch" heading to graphic per this post
Full text search no longer searches inside html tags if short or long description contain html markup. For more information please see this link

Fixed use of %notgc in an expression causing a syntax error when used in combination with %macro
Fixed a problem when setting an arc/poly filter and selecting corrected coordinates would produce spurious results
Fixed macro syntax error when using replace function and database variables. 
Fixed %macro tag causing freeze up when used in custom url and speedmode = on
Fixed macro syntax error generated when using literal stings in an expression, but the last element of an expression was a variable
Fixed page break condensed print causing blank last page 
Fixed incorrect updating of last update and found dates when using the "delete a log" option.
Fixed bug where waypoint is locked, exported to GPX, loaded back to a new database, => found status not preserved.
Fixed sorting of Longitude problem (only an issue in the Northern Hemisphere) see this post
Fixed an issue related to updating the state and corrected coordinates 
Fixed "can't make visible window modal" error when using print preview twice in a row
Fixed fulltext search "Everywhere" radio button not being restored correctly on older saved filters 
Fixed Mapsource Export not listing GDB files when you click on the folder icon per this post
Fixed travel bug search not being cleared for the next travel bug search
Fixed message not showing when filter cleared because of zero records
Fixed Multi line input browser bug per this post
Fixed obscure $_Sortby bug per this post 
Fixed HTML locations generation problem per this post
Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when purging logs
Fixed current sort sequence being lost when purging logs
Fixed text export file dialog problem per this post
Fixed radio button for polygon not being reset back to arc when clicking on the reset button in a filter
Fixed $d_HasCorrected causing "invalid expression in macro when used"
Doing a File=>Restore to a "Virgin" GSAK would not correctly restore the databases until you ran the restore for the second time.
All string variables used with = (equal) in the MFILTER command were not matching because of trailing spaces. This one is a "sleeper" because it has been around ever since the MFILTER command was introduced. 
Fixed a problem where the loading of a GPX file would lock the folder so you couldn't delete the folder until after exit of GSAK
Fixed "source type" being left as blank for single GPX file downloads, it now correctly has "GC"
Fixed problem when filter left running past midnight would give you the "zero records in filter" message. 
Fixed bug with the use of special tag %shortname per this post
GSAK now produces and Error message rather than crash on load of GPX or zip file with zero bytes. 
Fixed a problem when the abort button was clicked when generating HTML, then GSAK "locks up". This problem was only when running from a macro, not the GUI.
Fixed a problem of the # symbol when used in the macro language being treated as a comment when inside <data> and <enddata> (should just be a literal)

This version of GSAK Includes GPSBabel 1.2.8 Beta_12012005-clyde. For a list of changes please see the GPSBabel Change list

6.0.2 29th August, 2005 (Maintenance Release) 
  • Added new %ownerid special tag to enable display of the owner ID
  • Added [<ShowStats=No|Yes>] to Macro Command LOAD and GETMAIL 
  • Terracaching size now converted/mapped to container column
  • Terracaching style now converted/mapped to cache type column
  • Terracaching "special" value now shown for Physical, Mental, and Camo challenge
  • CLIP macro command now support literals and variables
  • CLIP macro token TAGS now deprecated (though still valid for backwards compatibility) use DATA instead
  • Getmail now uses SSL version 3 (fixed "Error connecting with SSL" message when trying to connect to some SSL enabled POP3 servers)
  • Fixed "Quote missing (line 2)" error when loading MXF files into MapTech 
  • Fixed crash when loading ExpertGPS GPX files generated by  ExpertGPS 1.9 b8 
  • Fixed macro function Replace bug that produced a syntax error when using strings that had line feeds embedded
  • Fixed waypoint not being removed from grid when using filter and corrected coordinates 
  • Fixed Restore Backup dialog not showing any zip files when you used the browse icon and selected file type was "zip files" 
  • Fixed incorrect "Error => Set variable must begin with the $ symbol." when using the new alternate syntax for the SET command
  • Fixed problem of incorrect updating of defaults values when loading GPX/LOC files with limited information, and the waypoints already exist.
  • Fixed error message "Invalid index expression [if(isplaced bla bla"
  • Fixed error message "Special tag must be unique bla bla" when using only the %macro tag when sending waypoints to MapSource
  • Fixed bug where global update of "User sort" did not work for any value other than zero.
  • Fixed spurious columns being added to grid after running a macro
  • Fixed problem of filter being cleared after running a global replace

    6.0.1 13th August, 2005 (Maintenance Release) 
  • Fixed RegExCount and At functions not working correctly (this also fixes SpoilerSync macro not working )
  • Fixed Message: "Invalid IndexName value : isplaced" when updating some pre version 6 databases.
  • Fixed Message: "Invalid index expression [strzero(multicount,4,0) + strzero(recno(),5,0) ]" when updating some pre version 6 databases.
  • Fixed Macro command PAUSE causing a crash if it was the very last command in a macro and you then clicked on the "skip" button
  • Fixed %macro special tag not working correctly using set command (or no space after the = for %_special)
  • Fixed error message "Special tag must be unique bla bla" when using only the %macro tag when sending waypoints to the GPSr
  • Fixed %macro special tag turning off speed mode when used regardless of the speedmode setting
  • Fixed problem of deleting a waypoint while a filter is set, then loosing the filter and current sort sequence after the delete.
  • Fixed problem when adding a new waypoint the owner ID was set to "lblOwner"
  • Fixed delete all waypoints in filter not working correctly
  • Fixed crash if you called up the filter dialog, then from the drop down box of saved filters, selected "None"
  • Fixed "Waypoint description format for HTML" (see Tools=>Options=>General) on new install having %def when should be %dif
  • Added missing "Delete" dialog for MacroSet command 
  • Add CacheMate option to remove problem characters from waypoint name
  • Waypoint edit dialog now allows you to update the Owner ID
  • Macro command SortBy - "Description" is now deprecated (but still valid for backwards compatibility) use "name" instead
  • Changed shipped macro _CacheRaid.txt to run quicker and no longer need a "working" database
  • Changed shipped macro _SpoilerSync.txt to remove debug command

    6.0.0 7th August, 2005 (Major Release) 

    Large database support
    Many changes to the GSAK database to speed operations for large databases. Changes include: 
  • Quicker running of RexEx and other "slower" filters
  • Clicking on cancel after setting a filter should now be near instant (previously could be *very* slow on 50,000 plus databases.)
  • Database repair/defrag is quicker and has more informative status messages
  • Loading multiple GPX files is much quicker
  • Double clicking on any of the 4 total boxes at the bottom right to set a filter for these totals they should all now be near instant. 
  • Quicker recovery from database errors
  • Quicker load of large databases on both start up and when switching to
  • Quicker calculation of totals when setting filters - especially using the name and code search

    Macro Enhancements
  • Added the ability to use/set  Database Variables
  • Added "date" type variables to the macro language
  • Macro speed enhancements, macros now run up to 60 times faster
  • Macro comments can now be on the same line as any macro statement
  • Added more descriptive error messages to some macro errors
  • Moved much of the macro syntax checking at macro load (you get the error before the macro starts running)
  • All GSAK shipped macros now begin with _ (Underscore) so as not to conflict with user macros of the same name (or changes made)
  • New "Macro Flag" similar to the "user flag" but for use in macros
  • Added BREAK command - break out of a while loop
  • Added RETURN command - terminate the current macro file only
  • Added ELSE command - support for ELSE processing for the IF command 
  • Added SPEEDMODE  command - speed up the running of macros
  • Added SHOWSTATUS command - user feedback on macro status
  • Added OPENFILE command - open any file with its associated application
  • Added MFILTER command - on the fly filters
  • Added MACROFLAG command - manipulate the new macro flag in the same way as the User Flag 
  • Added <DATA> command - define multi line text variables
  • Added MACROSET command - allow embedding of settings inside a macro
  • Added [<Browse=None|Folder|File>] to the macro INPUT command
  • Added [<Height=Pixels>] [<Width=Pixels>] [<Left=Pixels>] [<Top=Pixels>] to the DEBUG macro command 
  • SET macro command is now optional
  • GOTO macro command Range token now supports negative numbers so you can go backwards through the database
  • Added DateFormat function - format a date variable for display
  • Added StringToDate function - convert a string variable to a date variable
  • Added DateToString function - convert a date variable to a string variable
  • Added Replace function - replace one string with another in a string variable
  • Added RegExCount function - count the number of times a string is found in another string
  • Added RegExData function - return the actual data matching the regular expression
  • Added GetEnvV function - get the value of any system environment variable
  • Added AppendFile function - add text data to the end of an existing file
  • Added TextOut function - easy generation of CSV and TAB delimited text files
  • Added Quote function - output variables surrounded by double quotes
  • Added Chr function - Converts a decimal value to its ASCII equivalent.
  • The EXTRACT macro function can now use a string delimiter of any length
  • Added $_Today System date variable
  • Added $_Quote System variable
  • Added $_SortBy System variable

    General changes
  • Added GDB support for MapSource V6 export
  • Speed up CacheMate export when using from/to in a macro command
  • Added code search for filter (see other tab on filter)
  • Added %macro="File name" special tag
  • Added option to the restore dialog to only restore filters
  • GPS Setup screen - ability to select supported icons for your GPSr
  • HTML export can now copy user note images (and update the src= for the image) to the destination folder
  • Saving an existing filter now remembers the status of the "save current centre point"
  • Changed eXplorist export headings to line up with what is shown in the GPSr
  • Added Option (Tools=>Options=>General) to just beep on zero records when searching name and code 
  • Pictures from SpoilerSync can now be integrated into GSAK user notes via the shipped "_SpoilerSync.txt" macro
  • Quicker recovery from an abnormal termination
  • More informative messages when doing a recovery and the Database=>Repair/Defrag option
  • Added Yes/No option when GSAK does the automatic database repair
  • Adjusted width of the GETMAIL dialog so longer messages can be seen 
  • Added SmartName match to CacheMate load
  • Added "Data Source" column (Tools=>Options=>Display)
  • Added "Owner Id" column (Tools=>Options=>Display)
  • Added "data source" search in filter (see General tab on filter)
  • Added option to Export GPX to use original coordinates rather than corrected ones
  • Added new export option to generate CSV and TAB delimited text files
  • Added ability to set your active row colour (Tools=>Options=>General)
  • Added ability to set your active column sort colour (Tools=>Options=>General)
  • Browse folder for GPX load now starts at MyDesktop rather than MyComputer
  • Added offline log icons for Post Reviewer Note, Will Attend, Enable Listing, and Published 

  • Trying to run a macro file (via Macro=>Run) that did not exists would crash GSAK - error now trapped
  • Fixed a bug where totals for GPX load would show the message when using GetMail in a macro (it should be suppressed)
  • Fixed crash when loading unapproved LOC file
  • Fixed filter box not closing in some situations (works on most systems)
  • Fixed problem of blank line being inserted when loading cachemate logs into the user notes
  • Fixed a bug were if your decimal separator was a comma (Many European countries), then the decimal part of the difficulty and terrain was being lost for S&T export
  • Fixed travel bug search "bug" limit of 5 bugs per this post
  • Fixed leaving regex blank in Tools=>Options=>General method for matching placed caches per this post

    Version history for V5.6 and older

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