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7.1.0  27th June, 2007

Added spell checking to GSAK
New extension of .gsk for macro support (more information)
New Macro run dialog (more information)
Added "Status Check" option to Waypoint menu
Child grid columns position and size are now sticky
Child grid column has option to set the "ByUser" highlight color
Added "ByUser" checkbox to the child waypoints edit dialog
Added vertical scroll bars to the child waypoints edit dialog
Enabled the delete key to delete individual waypoints from the child waypoints edit dialog
Added "Extra information to show as first log" box to GPX export
Added "Extra information to show as first log" box to CacheMate export
Added support for CacheMate dnf logs (more information)
Added support for Cachemate GPX 1.1 files (more information)
Added option to exclude user notes for CacheMate export
Added "Not(RegEx)" to all filter drop down boxes that support regular expressions (allows you to "negate" a regular expression selection)
Form Designer now only writes out form Top and Left if found in original form
Tools=>Options=>General, added "Keep chars" to smart name options 
Main screen - changed "Escape key" behaviour [1]
Corrected coordinates dialog now shows distance and bearing from original coordinates
"Database=>Global replace" now supports escaping of characters via the chr() function
"centre point=>Locations" added a search box
"centre point=>Post code" added a "nearby caches" button which links to nearby caches list
$d_LastGPXDate is now supported as "lockable" variable for the LOAD command parameter Lock=
"Waypoint=>Add/Edit" added "Owner name" to this dialog.
"View=>Save" now assumes current view name
"File=>Export=>GPX" Added support for "use last symbol for last gps send"
"Tools=>Options=>Advanced", name search delay now applies to the code search as well (and is now referred to as only "search delay")
Added "back" link for hints in GSAK offline HTML [2]
Added ability to delete all caches from the permanent delete list (more information)
GSAK now prompts when configured data folder not accessible rather than automatically creating a default (more information)
"File=>Open GPX" database list now sorted alphabetically
GUI tweaks to "Tools=>Options=>Advanced" (more information)
Arc/poly filter using W,xxxxxx format now ignores non matched entries 
Added Special Tag for cache owner name - %ownername
Macro command FILTER now respects the speedmode status
Goto Command now supports Position=Previous
$_Eol now set when any Goto positions you outside your current sub set of records
Added macro function IsOwner()
Added macro function GetClipText()
Distance and bearing (from parent cache) now shown in child waypoints HTML table
Added macro function VarExists() 
Added new class of variables. All variables starting with $P_ are now "persistent"
Added macro function RemoveVar()
Added new macro command Option <Explicit=Yes|No>
Added new macro command Declare <Var=Varname> <Type=Date|Numeric|String|Boolean>
Exposed the $d_MacroSort variable for update and display
"SplitScreen Display=Yes" now forces a refresh of the split screen 
Added function Rot13()
Added function UTF8() 
Gcalc() function added high accuracy projection. Action = "ProjectHigh"
Added function ZipFile()  
Added "*Omit*" symbol when using macro to allocate symbol for child waypoints 
Added the status of the "SplitScreen" to the SysInfo() function. Returns "On" if on or "Off" if off.
Special tag %typ1 is now synchronized with $d_CacheType (more information)
Speed improvements when using the %macro special tag

Macro Editor:
  • Added option "File=>Install" to install the current macro
  • "File=>New" generates a default template populated with all the "Mac" keywords
  • Added "Run" option to main menu (which actually performs a "save and run")
  • Added "Help" option to main menu - Opens the Macro help topic in the main GSAK help file
  • Added Alt+ default keyboard shortcuts to all main menu options
  • "Edit=>Insert template" added to insert  default template populated with all the "Mac" keywords

    Better logo file to help eliminate artifacts on analog monitors (more information)
    Offline HTML - any open <font> tags are now closed at the end of the log (more information)
    Fixed problem with macro command Goto Position=bottom and $_Eol (more information)
    File=>Export=>GPX fixed crash when clicking on abort then retry (more information)
    Fixed load of GPX file with corrected coordinates not updating the $d_HasCorrected database variable (more information)
    Fixed problem with seek() function when used on the "logs" table (more information)
    "Tools=>Options=>Keyboard shortcuts" fixed problem where the replaced keyboard short cut not being returned to the available list (more information)
    Fixed "Invalid variant type conversion" crash (and other strange happenings) when using macro command Mfilter with Sort by=Natural (more information)
    Fixed bbcode [size] problem (more information)
    Fixed a memory leak when using the %macro special tag (more information)
    Fixed filter selection problem when using the keyboard (more information)
    Fixed SysInfo("MacroPath") problem (more information)
    "File=>Export=>csv/txt" fixed view problem (more information)
    Fixed %UserLog to stop stripping out of double quotes (more information)
    Fixed various "sleeping" bugs with the list() function (mainly when using CRLF as the delimiter)
    Fixed "Lock up" when aborting GPX generation via a macro (more information)
    "GPS=>Setup" now checks to make sure you have checked at least one symbol (more information)
    Ozi explorer names file changed to use 45 characters for the name rather than 60 (more information)
    Last centre latitude and longitude now written out to gsak.ini when database is changed (more information)
    Fixed problem with "load CacheMate logs and finds" options not working correctly (more information)

    Extra notes:

    [1] -  Previously when you hit the escape key it would clear your current filter completely. Now it is more intelligent. When you hit the escape key, GSAK now checks to see if you are doing a name or code search - if so, only this search is cleared and your subset returns to the main filter. If you hit the escape key again, then the main filter is cleared.

    [2] - When jumping to hints in any offline HTML page, there is now a "back" link that will take you back to where you came from

    7.0.4  2nd May, 2007 (Maintenance Release) 

    Fixed a macro problem where an expression like "1.01" was being seen as a "date" variable if your international settings were Germany. This may apply to other European countries as well (more information)
    Fixed $d_cByUser variable issues (more information)
    "Database=>Properties" - centre point coordinate display now respects your current display format settings 
    "Not chosen" and "Other" are now recognized as valid container types when updating the database variable $d_Container
    Added type "Other" to container type for global replace
    Fixed invalid coordinate problems when using the "grab waypoints" tool. (more information here and here)
    Repair=>Defrag now removes any line feeds that have manged to get into cache names.
    Fixed underscore showing in GetMail subject status (more information)
    Setting $d_found to true will now automatically set $d_FoundCount to 1 if it is zero
    Minor tweaks to the coordinate grabber, including better recognition of coordinates inside HTML formatted tables
    Mapsource is now opened by association if MapSource "Path" not found in registry (more information)
    Command "Splitscreen Display=Yes" now makes sure the split screen is also refreshed
    New GSAK Logo added to "Help=>About", Desktop icon, associated files icons, Taskbar icon.
    Database variable $d_lLogId is no longer read only (write at your own risk!)
    "Search=>Filter=>Logs" the text "and log is by a certain person" also toggles the status of the check box when clicked (previously it was inconsistent with the other check boxes and did not)
    Logs in offline HTML now support bbcode [Font=] and [size=] tags
    Fixed a bug in the macro List() function for actions "find" and "findcs" when the list delimiter was more than one character
    "File=>Restore" with settings previously restored the "Macros" and "UserImages" folders but not the sub folders within these folders. Now fixed.
    "Tools=>Options=>Abbreviations" is now case insensitive
    "Tools=>Options=>Abbreviations" From/To conversions now also convert the "state" in corrected coordinates.
    Macro command "Database Action=Delete" now includes error checking for success or failure

    7.0.3  29th March, 2007 (Maintenance Release) 

    All line feeds are now removed from the waypoint name (more information)
    Fixed issue of old GSAK settings causing problems with some file loads (more information
    Repair/Defrag now also removes any duplicated corrected coordinates that it finds)
    Fixed "cancel" option not working correctly when accidentally selecting Ozi option on right click menu (more information)
    Split screen now refreshed after load of GPX file (more information)
    Fixed macro command MacroSet not working correctly for filters, if never used before (more information)
    Fixed minor gpx export settings bug (more information)
    Fixed macro Command VerCheck bug (more information)
    Fixed Pause command, skip button problem (more information
    Fixed a problem when using a location name with hyphen to set a centre point (more information)
    Task bar update for multi monitors (more information)
    Fixed File=>Export=>HTML not respecting found and placed settings (more information)
    Fixed File=>Export=>HTML generating invalid reserved file names (more information)
    Fixed macro command TextOut not clearing out variables correctly after each invocation (more information)
    Child (and project) waypoints respect display settings format (more information)
    Fixed edit dialog quirk with corrected coordinates (more information)
    Fixed problem with not() function used in macro command MFILTER (more information)
    Fixed ShowForm() exit when using incompatible variable types (more information)
    Fixed child url not being updated in GUI and Macro language (more information)
    Fixed crash when using $d_cflag in a macro (more information)
    Child waypoint field $d_cFlag is now preserved on a GPX update (more information)
    User created child waypoints now distinguished from additional waypoints (more information)
    $d_cByUser variable to indicate user created child waypoints
    Fixed a problem where smart names were being unnecessarily re calculated (more information)

    Includes GPSBabel 1.3.3 (release notes)

    7.0.2  23rd February, 2007 (Maintenance Release) 

    Fixed Delorme export default online URL problem (more information)
    Fixed crash when grabbing waypoints from clipboard into an empty database (more information)
    Fixed crash when Palm install tool left active and another CacheMate export is done (more information)
    Fixed "Details" split screen view not showing decrypted hints via decrypt button (more information)
    Added "Blank" option to drop down box list for Delorme URL link (more information)
    Grabbed Child parking waypoints now have type "Parking Area" rather than just "Parking" (more information)
    Fixed a problem with load summary links (more information)
    Fixed problem with macro function List() and edit with only 1 item (more information)
    Moved GPX file association on first run to install program (more information)
    Updates specific to resolving issues with running GSAK under Windows Vista
    Fixed Ozi open attachment problem with databases that have spaces (more information)
    Cache type for "Netherlands" LOC files are now correctly identified
    Macro error checking to make sure FROM= can not be greater than the total number of records in your current filter (more information)
    Graceful error handling of errors when loading points for the arc/poly filter
    Fixed Name and code search focus problem when using a custom split screen format (more information)
    Fixed a problem where setting a filter on "Travel bug contains" and "not found" would always return zero caches regardless
    "And" logic used in macro filters now can also be applied to filters set via the GUI (previously this would only work if the filter was set via the macro)

    Also, GSAK now uses a new installer. New features include:

  • Adds option to install GSAK in the quick launch bar
  • Adds start menu links for GSAK web site and support forum
  • Checks for correct privileges before installing
  • Windows Vista aware
  • Removes file association on uninstall
  • Better file compression
  • Option to launch GSAK after install

    7.0.1  10th February, 2007 (Maintenance Release) 

    Fixed problem on GPX file load of all zip files being deleted rather than those that only contain GPX files loaded (more information)
    Changed Offline HTML page to stop IE7 showing security warning (more information)
    Fixed "permanent delete/ignore" feature which was broken in V7 (more information)
    Fixed CacheMate "Geocache" problem  (more information)
    Line feeds (CRLF) are now removed from the data sent to GPSBabel for all conversions (more information)
    Fixed view restore incorrectly overriding miles/kms column heading 
    Fixed problem with custom export settings not being restored correctly (more information)
    Fixed custom export always generating the GPX file, regardless of the "Generate GPX file" check box setting
    On GPX load, waypoint name is only updated when the incoming GPX file does contain a name (more information)
    Fixed "Database=>Properties" grab button not picking up current centre point coordinates (more information)
    Fixed Fugawi settings not being restored correctly (more information)
    Fixed problem when using clipboard after running command RunPgm with Wait=Yes (more information)
    First column in grid now uses "strikeout font" if cache is archived (more information)
    Special "tweak" to support gcuk county files (more information)
    Fixed problem of locations drop down box being reset when config menu is used (more information)
    Waypoint=>Project, fixed tabbing order
    Waypoint=>Project, settings are now "sticky"
    Fixed mixed up CacheMate options (more information
    Fixed erroneous behaviour with some "Yes/No" dialogs (more information)

    7.0.0  30th January, 2007 (Major Release) 


       Many usability improvements for first time users
       Ability to fully customize GSAK generated HTML pages  
       New URI support
       New forms support for macros
       Added ability to Add/Change/Delete child waypoints (WayPoint=>Child waypoint and right click menu)  
       Added ability to set child flags individually or in bulk
       Added support for custom URLs for child waypoints
       Added ability to Join filters in a macro
       New intelligent "Maximum number of waypoints"  on all exports 
       New "Database properties
       New free floating coordinate input that supports many formats and variations
       New "Database Totals" dialog added
       Full Keyboard shortcut configuration for every menu option
       New simple layouts for all exports with default settings
       Support for large fonts and DPI settings > 96
       Added Ability to easily export just the current waypoint or subset via drag and drop
       Replaced "home grown" XML parser with a standard XML parser with all GPX files now "pre checked" to be well formed (more information).
       Added to option to project a waypoint, with the ability to add as a normal or child waypoint 
       Update of the "Grab waypoints" tool to recognize more valid coordinate formats, and to better reject invalid ones (especially those found in puzzle cache descriptions)
       Added option to "Grab waypoints" to add the waypoint as Normal or Child
       Tool bar is now dockable (left, right, top, bottom)
       Added support for "Project APE" and "Mega Event" cache types
       File=>Export=>HTML dialog overhaul with general and advanced tabs
       Added ability to set the colors used for the "Last 4 logs
       Added ability to color rows/or column via the GUI (Waypoint=>Color or right mouse click)
       Added "Degrees" column and ability to filter on degrees and degree ranges
       Added configuration option to suppress "Finished OK" messages
       Added option to manually enter a centre point
       Added option Get centre point (NMEA mode)
       Allow selection of font for grid
       Added Global Replace options of: remove, add before, add after, and swap
       Speed improvements for Move/Copy waypoints 
       Automatic backup prompt now only when changes have been made to a database
       Added the ability to generate the cache description using special tags for the CacheMate Export
       Changed order of waypoints exported to current sort sequence
       TomTom export converted to use GPSBabel
       GPX export option to allow for the same special tags to be used for the "cache name" as the "cache description"
       Added "GPSr name" to Memory Map export
       New simplified custom export dialog
       User notes dialog is now "sticky"
       Load summary links now open in your default browser (using the new URI support)
       Saved settings with name of <macro> now just copies the generated code to the clipboard (more information)
       Delete waypoints dialog now supports the option of "all waypoints in database".
       File=>Export=>HTML - Added database name to html index
       File=>Export=>HTML - Added distance and bearing to cache density summary
       File=>Export=>HTML - output now uses cache code if valid file name
       File=>Export=>HTML - added option to remove pictures for html output
       All GSAK generated HTML logs now have the "by" as a clickable link that takes you to the profile of person that made the log
       User Data 2 now shows in all HTML output
       Database=>Purge Logs - Added ability to save logs for multiple user ID's
       Database=>Purge Logs - Added ability to purge by user ID
       File=>print - html row print now same as display and if waypoint has children prints in bold
       Changed LOC file export encoding from encoding="ISO-8859-1" to encoding="UTF-8"
       Rewrite of how hints show in the HTML (more information)
       Added text progress indicator when gsak is loading multiple gpx/zip files
       Added option to "File=>Import=>Notes" to set the user flag
       Added in database variable $d_SmartOverride (more information)
       Added replace/append for arc/poly filter when loading points from a file
       Added menu option "User flags=>Color has top priority"
       Confirmation required when copying/moving all waypoints in a database
       GPSGames GPX files now support HTML in the logs 
       Arc/Poly filters now report error rather than crash when loading an invalid points file
       Split screen view now only refreshed if something has changed in the underlying html
       General speed and GUI tweaks to the split screen display
       Better syntax checking in the macro language 
       Log icons are now linked and take you to the log entry at
       GPSr Send - stopped "," (comma) from being removed from cache description (more information)
       Now includes version 1.9.5 of CacheMate CMConvert.exe (more information)
       All export dialogs now validate file existence of the %macro special tag (more information)
       Travel bugs are now sorted by name before being updated in the database (more information)
       Cachemate conversion now shows all messages (more information)
       Removed leading space from OziExplorer Export (more information)
       Fixed a problem when switching between mutually exclusive filters (more information)

    New Macro features
       Added form support
       Complete removal of the old macro engine (more information)  
       Double quotes fidelity now preserved (more information)
       Macro parameters can now be in any order (more information)
       Debug improvements, including a tabbed dialog that shows all database variables
       Added [<reverse=Yes|No>] to Mfilter command
       Added Max=nnn to EXPORT command
       Added Settings= to the Database command
       Added ability to Join filters
       Added Notes=[<Prompt|Add|Replace|Ignore>] to Load command
       Added Delay=nnn to the INPUT and CHOOSE commands
       Added Coordinates= to the Centre command
       Added support to replace the GSAK macro editor with a program of your choosing
       Changed command syntax Mfilter if= to Mfilter expression=
       Added [<Display=On|Off>] to SHOWSTATUS command
       Added Menu option (and tool button) to stop a macro
       Ability to add Caches, Logs, and Waypoints via the macro language
       Seek() function can now find records in the Logs and Waypoints tables

    New Macro commands
       Timer - time macro code
       Backup - emulates File=>Backup
       PlayWav - Play a .wav sound file
       AddNew - Add a new cache/log/child waypoint
       SplitScreen - Turn split screen on and off and select formats
       MsgOk - Simple message box with single OK button

    New Macro functions
       SysInfo - Retrieve system information
       List - Array type function
       Gcalc - Improved and supersedes Geocalc
       RegExReplace - Replace data using a regular expression
       RegExSub - Access to matched sub expressions
       RegExEscape - Escape a regular expression for "literal" use
       Asc - return the ascii number of a character
       TotChild - get the total number of child waypoints
       SmartName - generate a "smart name" for any string
       ShowForm - Show a GSAK form
       EditForm - Edit a GSAK form
       StrToBool - Convert a string value to Boolean 
       BoolToStr - Convert a Boolean value to string
       HTML - HTML generation helper
       HttpEncode - Encode a string for URL linking

    New Special Tags
       %Database - current database name
       %Blank - blank or nothing
       %c_Code - child code
       %c_Lat - Child latitude
       %c_Lon - Child longitude

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