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Screen shots

At any time you can press Ctrl-Shift-F10 and GSAK will take a screen capture of the currently active window and automatically write a JPeg file called GSAKScreenShot.jpg to your desktop. You can then use this file when asked to provide a screen shot in the GSAK forums, or email to a friend (or any other use you can think of). 

In addition you will also get the following prompt:

If you select Yes, the image will be uploaded to the GSAK server and the contents of your clipboard will contain the text to show this image in a GSAK forum post. So all you need to do is press Ctrl-V to have this image show in any GSAK forum post. 

Note: Sometimes you will want to send an edited graphic to the Forum. For example, you might want to crop the image so that it only shows what you want; or you might want to use a graphics editor to add text notations, arrows, or other highlights to the graphic.In this case you don't want GSAK to send a copy of a screen dump to the GSAK web site; you want GSAK to send a copy of your edited graphic. First you must create a file called UploadImage.txt in your [application data] folder (Use "Tools=>Folder finder" to locate this folder), which contains the full path to the name of the image file you wish to upload. You can then upload this image to the GSAK forum as follows:

1. Create your graphic, and edit it to your liking.
2. Save the graphic with a suitable file name, for example, gsak-forum.png. Portable Network Graphic (png) is the preferred format, because it creates good-quality graphics that are smaller in size than other formats.
3. Place the graphic in a known location on your hard disk, for example, C:\temp.
4. Create the UploadImage.txt file and enter the full path to the image you want to upload (in this example, C:\temp\gsak-forum.png).
5. Make GSAK the active window.
6. Press Shift-Ctrl-F10.
7. GSAK does the following things:
    Interrogates the UploadImage.txt file to ascertain the name of the image file you want to upload.
    Transfers the file to the GSAK web site (GSAK displays a progress dialog box while this happens).
    Allocates a unique file name to the image.
    Copies a text string to the Windows clipboard that you can use to insert the image into your Forum post.
    Displays the following dialog box:

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