GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
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Days Used

The number of days you have used GSAK shows on the splash screen and when you take the option "Help=>About" here:

A hard disk crash or Installing GSAK on another computer will see this value reset. If this number matters to you, there is a way to set it manually. 

You do this by creating a text file called "FirstUsed.txt" (without the quotes) and place it in the [application data] folder of GSAK. To find your [applications data] folder use the GSAK folder finder tool via the "Tools" menu. 

In this file place a single line with your first used date in YYYYMMDD format.

So if you first started using GSAK in the 1st of June 2004 you would enter:


This file can be created with any text editor (use notepad if you don't have one). You can also create it via a macro using the code found here

Note: As we don't want unregistered users being able to set this to the current date all the time and avoid the nag screens, this only works for registered users.

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