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8.0.0 Beta  August, 2011


   New api support
      Get Geocaches
      Refresh cache data
      Download pocket queries
      Get logs
      Status check
      Favorite points
      Update user information
      Publish logs
      Add to bookmark list
   Added support for custom data 
      New Custom filter tab
      New section in HTML output
      New section in Database=>Global replace
      Add/Edit custom data
      Configure custom data fields
      New options in move/copy dialog
      New fields section in grid display
   Added log date correction
   Added GSAK sqlite manager
   Added special tag %custom_xxxxx 
   Added new special tag %caches_xxxxxxxx 
   Added option to tool bar menu to configure the tool bar color
   Added proxy server support (more info)
   Added support for cache and log images (currently only populated when the Groundspeak api is used to fetch caches)
   Added support for favorite points,Premium caches, notes, Cache Guid (currently only populated when the Groundspeak api is used to fetch caches)
   Added new cache types - Lost and found event, Groundspeak HQ, Lost and found celebration (currently only populated when the Groundspeak api is used to fetch caches)
   New HTML standard layout with custom configuration
   Updated most controls to give GSAK a more current look and feel
   API and GPX load now round coordinates to 6 decimal places 
   New program Update alert
   Automatic download and update of new versions

Macro related:

   Added Html support for Buttons, labels, check boxes, and radio buttons (more info)
   Added "Alignment" property to macro button control (more info)
   Added system variable $_GcCorrect (more info)
   Added support for the system variables $_AppData and $_ExePath in all form data
   Added new CheckGroup form control  
   Added macro support to api calls (more info)
   Added macro function GcFavPoints(more info)
   Added command XmlToSqlite
   Added CustomFormat() macro function 
   New macro form control CheckGroup 
   Added function CustomConfig()
   Added function CustomGet() 
   Added function CsvGet() 
   Added Repeat/Util loop support 
   Added sqlite function g_LatLonFormat()
   Added Delim=*csv* option to sqlite() function
   Auto add of vertical scroll bar for Macro forms greater than screen height
   Added macro support for GUI Groundspeak api options
     GcFavPoints - Favorite points support
     GcGetCaches - Grab geocaches
     GcGetLogs - Grab logs
     GcGetNewToken - Get a new api token
     GcGetPQ - Download and optionally load PQs
     GcRefresh - Refresh cache data to most current
     GcStatusCheck - Update cache status
     GcUpdateUserInfo - Update user information

7.7.4  xxth August, 2011


   Fixed a problem with saving Last4 logs color scheme (more information)
   Removed spurious checkbox "chkSymOverride" from showing on the "File=>Export GPX" dialog
   Fixed a crash when grabbing images
   Update of corrected coordinates in macro language now updates distance/bearing (more information
   Fixed a problem with <enddata> placement for macro saved filters (more information)
   Fixed tabbing order on Waypoint edit dialog and GPX load dialog (more information)
   Fixed memory error when taking the option to "Compact" (see "Database=>Totals") a database over 2gb
   Fixed "invalid function" error with the ^ operand when using macro code like $x = 6^(3-1)
   Fixed performance problem of macro code updating $d_KafterLat and $d_KafterLon (more information)
   Fixed filter name save message warning (more information)
   Fixed cursor problem with "Database=>Delete all waypoints" (more information)
   Fixed problem of Fastmm message dialog showing on rare occasions (more information)
   Fixed a problem with the Macro command VerCheck (more information)
   Fixed problem with val() function (more information)
   "Center point=>Garmin mode" fix for Oregon x50 models (more information)
   Fixed a problem with waypoint projection using Greater circle method over large distances (more information)
   Fixed a problem with <> characters being recognized as possible function names (more information)
   Fixed a problem with special tag %blank (more information)
   Forced refresh of grid and splitscreen when speedmode is set off (more information)
   Fixed a dual screen problem when updating notes at the same time (more info)
   Fixed a problem with %macro= special tag and the use of double quotes (more info)
   Fixed crash when using "Nearest caches" split screen format (more info
   Fixed a problem with GUI Filter using UserSort (more info)
   Fixed a problem with locking original coordinates (more info)
   Fixed a problem when parsing "by" in LOC files (more info)
   Fixed a problem with abort inside SqlGet loop (more info)


  Expolorist 710 - "logs.txt" now supported (rather than "newlogs.txt" used in other models)
  Sqlite database optimization (more information)
  Increased capacity of arc/poly points filter dialog (more information)
  Added retries to write of gsak.ini on program exit (to fix "can't write to gsak.ini" on some systems)
  Added "Enabled" property to date control (more information)
  Speed optimization when using sqlite() "import" action
  PDA friendly html export now places a max of 50 images per folder (more info)
  GSAK generated log for GSAK notes now generated with the log type of "Write note" (more info)
  Grab images now interrogates the url content type to resolve blank file extensions (more info)
  Corrected coordinates dialog now shows distance from original in feet/Meters for small distances
  Added support for new Groundspeak attribute "Partnership cache" ID=61

7.7.3 24th January, 2011

General Changes:

   Speed tweaks to "grab images" (more information)
   Added GUI warning for database move/copy settings if destination database does not exist (more information)
   Added support for new Groundspeak attributes (more information)
   New Internal GSAK zip component with support for large disk files (more information)
   Added Automatic recovery for looping crashes (more information)
   Changes to "GPS=>Send" for Garmin "Geocaching friendly" GPSr units (more information)
   Verbiage changes to some menu options (more information)
   Added confirmation dialog to "Database=>Delete" (more information)
   Internal GSAK Sqlite updated to version 3.7.2 (was using 3.6.21) For the full update history see this link
   Speed tweaks to display of last 4 logs column
   Added support for relative paths and wild cards to the macro INCLUDE command
   Updated internal version of GPSBabel to 1.4.2
   Added support for the Delorme PN-60 GPSr
   Magellan Explorist, changed child waypoint symbols (more information)
   Added new "Where" tab to the filter dialog
   Added ability to set a filter via right click menu (more information)
   OK button is now the default control on load summary (more information)
   Added support for non standard DPI settings to "Attributes" tab on the filter dialog (more information)
   Added better support for non standard DPI settings in macro forms (more information)
   Custom URL now allows # to comment a line (more information)
   Added "auto spacing" option for tool buttons
   Added special tags %state and %flag
   CSV load of data now allows for "elevation" column
   GPX load updates to elevation are now reflected in the change log
   CSV load now better supports "changes" to the database (more information)
   Explorist GC (and 510,610,.....) now have waypoints sent with the <sym> element being the same as the child waypoint type (this is now consistent with Vantagepoint)
   Added "Change/edit child waypoints" to double mouse click option (more information)
   Added option to enable hashing of collection data (more information)
   Added support for new LOC file format (more information)

Macro Specific Changes

   Macro update of Latitude and Longitude now removes all leading and trailing spaces (more information)
   Added $_dbPath system variable (more information)
   Added GetCounty() support for Canada
   Added &8212 (emdash) to EntityDecode() function (more information)
   Rewrite of Dir() function (more information)
   Macro FileCopy command updated with better support for wild card matching (more information)
   Added new menu option "Macro=>Build Install File"
   EntityDecode() function additions (more information)
   Added "ScreenResolution" to the SysInfo() function 
   Added GarminApi() function
   Added new "GlobalRestore" to Varscope option for the Macro command
   Posturl() function now uses IE proxy settings
   Added Back reference support to the RegExReplace() function
   Added system variable $_CallingMacro


   Fixed a problem with move/copy in a macro when destination database no longer exists (more information)
   Fixed a Mfilter join error (more information)
   Fixed a problem with status check for PMO caches (more information)
   Refresh of first line in grid when macro updates any column value (more information)
   Fixed obscure crash with Replace() function when used on large strings (more information)
   Fixed error a "missing close tag in element /gpx" when receiving waypoints from Oregon 550
   Fixed error "no such column Caches.rowid" when sometimes using Join filters (more information)
   Fixed "error with function caches() for column:_code" (more information)
   Fixed problem with DatabaseExists() returning true for empty string (more information)
   Fixed a problem with loading CSV files (more information)
   Dual screen on/off status now preserved on exit/start up of GSAK (more information)
   Fixed a crash caused by loading a GPX file that had duplicated attributes (generated from CacheWolf)
   Fixed a problem with move/copy settings (more information)
   Fixed a minor issue with hint display pop up (more information)
   Fixed a crash in the macro language when trying to use database variables when the current database is empty 
   "Placed Date" no longer updated via "GPS=>Receive waypoints" if waypoint already exists (more information)
   Fixed a problem with drag and drop for MapSource (more information)
   Fixed a location distance problem in HTML generation (more information)
   Fixed a problem with send to "GPS=>Send" for Explorist GC that would "freeze" when sending some obscure caches
   Fixed a problem with Html distance index (more information)
   Fixed a problem with Drag and drop (symbol generation) for MapSource (more information)
   Fixed problem with locations being updated even when cancel button used (more information)
   Fixed a problem with Sqlite action "import" and using transactions (more information)
   Fixed elevation label incorrectly being highlighted when adding a waypoint (more information)
   Fixed a problem when loading a GPX file by association when GSAK not yet started (more information)
   Fixed a problem where track files were being deleted from Oregon GPSr (more information)
   Fixed a problem with some string literals being converted to dates (more information)
   Fixed a filter problem with "Not Regex" when using "name" search (more information)
   Fixed a problem with date filters when using "during" and decimal point (more information
   Fixed a problem with showing image files on eXplorist 610 (more information)
   Fixed child waypoint add truncation from google maps (more information)
   Fixed a problem with "Application data" folder search (more information)
   Fixed display problem with Mfilter box (more information)
   Fixed problem with symbol generation for waypoints for some Garmin units (more information)
   Fixed a problem with GetCounty() when Polygon files names have diacritic characters
   Fixed a problem using the "Abort" button with GetMail
   Fixed a symbol problem with PN 60 (more information)
   Fixed problem with csv export and OS grid for longitude (more information)
   Fixed problem with macro message boxes incorrectly interpreting the & symbol (more information)

Version history for V7.7.2 and older
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