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SpeedMode (command)


The Macro language defaults to running in a special "speed mode" (Status=on), which enables each macro command to be run without having to update the GUI grid.This saves resources, and dramatically speeds up the running of a macro. 

So why would you use SPEEDMODE Status=Off?

Use it when you issue a command and want to view the grid showing the results of this command BEFORE the macro ends. For example, take the following code:

SORT By="Distance"
Goto position="Bottom"
Pause Msg="We have stopped the macro here"
.... more commands

Now, when viewing the pause message the grid (in the background) will still be showing your current sort sequence at the waypoint you were on before the start of the macro. If you prefer that the grid immediately shows at the last waypoint in distance sequence then the code should be 

SORT By="Distance"
GOTO Position="Bottom"
PAUSE Msg="We have stopped the macro here"
... More commands

The GSAK macro language is an interpretive language and will never win any speed awards (there is a lot of code running under the covers for each single macro command). However, having speed mode set on should keep your macros running at optimum speed. 

If you don't need the grid to display the change in waypoints while the macro is running, then I strongly suggest you leave speedmode on as it will make your macros run much quicker.

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