GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)

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ShowStatus (command)

SHOWSTATUS <Msg="Status message"> [<Height=nnn>] [<Width=nnn>] [<Left=nnn>] [<Top=nnn>] [<Display=On|Off>] [<Title=xxxx>]

One of the problems with having GSAK run in SpeedMode is that there is no feedback to the user when iterating through the database or running a large number of macro commands. The SHOWSTATUS command can address this problem. If you use this command it brings up the same dialog as the SHOWSTOP command (you can still use SHOWSTOP but it is no longer needed if you now use SHOWSTATUS) which now has a status bar added to the bottom. Any text you place in the MSG parameter is displayed in this status bar. Run the sample macro "_Summary.txt" to see this in action.

Height, Width, Left and Top are all optional and allow you to change the size and position of this dialog. All measurements (nnn) are in screen pixels. 

Title is also optional, and used to set the caption (blue heading bar) of the dialog.

Display - On (the default) will show the status box, Off will remove it from the display.

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