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PostUrl (function)

PostUrl(sUrl,sPostData,[sCaption]) : string

Use this function to fetch a URL that requires POST data.

PostUrl is very similar to GetUrl() but the big difference is that this function allows you to submit POST data. 

sUrl - The Url to get
sPostData - The POST data to submit. Basically I have used the same syntax as SQLite to encapsulate the POST data. That is, each variable and data element should be enclosed in single quotes, and separated by a comma. If the data contains a single quote, it should be escaped by including two single quotes. See the example for more information.
sCaption -  Optional, default is "". Set to a non empty value to show a dialog with the percentage status of the download, and this caption in the title bar. Useful when the URL triggers a  large download. Set to "" or leave out this parameter when downloading small files or web pages and you don't need this status. Note: Not all Urls return the size of the contents being downloaded (some web pages for example) so this dialog is mainly only useful when downloading files.


The GSAK web site contains a sample page you can test. Firstly, you can test the sample script in a GUI way via this link     

Submit and it sends it to the printpost.php page which will show this:

So the macro code to test this would be:

$url = ""
$PostData = "'Variable1','data1','variable2','data2','variable3','data3'"
$result = PostUrl($url,$PostData)
msgOk msg=$result

Which should show:

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