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SqlGet (function)

SqlGet(sField) : string

Optimized function to retrieve information from a SQLite query. Best used to iterate through a SQLite table.

This function should be used in conjunction with the SqlGet=Yes option of Sqlite(). It will allow you to retrieve the value of any field in the current SQLite query. Note: The return value of this function is *always* a string, and the full fidelity of the orginal string contents is preserved. You will need to convert date, numeric, and boolean values to their native format if you want to use functions that require the data in these formats. However, this is no different to the existing behaviour of the "Sql" action without SqlGet=Yes, as it too only ever returns string values.

See also Sqlite(), SqlGetClose(), SqlNext

The following two code snippets are equivalent. However example 1 is much more efficient and will run about 6x faster.
Example 1

$status = sqlite("sql",$_SqlGrid, "sqlget=yes")
while not($_sqleol)
  $data = sqlget("code") + sqlget("name") + sqlget("userdata")

Example 2

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While not($_Eol)
  $data = $d_code + $d_name + $d_userdata
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