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Global Replace (Database=>Global Replace)

Global replace (Database=>Global Replace) will allow you to replace column values for many waypoints in one single action. The column you select in the replace drop down box will be replaced by the value you select/enter in the "with" section. Only the waypoints in your current filter are updated.

The dialog remains on the screen (you need to click on cancel to exit ) after doing the replace - the reason being that you are likely wanting to do another replace. 

Note1: global replace will protect the integrity of the database. That is, any change that would cause "illogical" values in the database will not be updated.  For example if you do a global replace of all caches to "not found", any caches that have found logs will be "protected" and not have their status set to not found. 

Note2: Global replace (for string fields) supports any characters via the chr() function. This may be required if you want to update your database with characters that are not easy to access from the keyboard. Also it allows you to use the ; (semi colon character) when using the swap option. The problem with the swap option is that it requires two parameters (from and to) and they must be separated by a ;. So if you wanted to use a ; as part of your actual swap data you have a problem. For example, if you now want to swap any occurrence of ";" to a "!" you would enter:


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