GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)

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Refresh cache data ( access=>Refresh cache data

Use this option to get the latest information for caches in your database directly from the Groundspeak web site. You must have a premium membership account with to get full use of this option.

Note: This option has a limit of 2000 caches per hour and 6000 caches per day. It uses the same api call as Get geocaches and hence is bound by the same limits. 

Scope: You can select to update just the currently selected cache or all caches in your current filter.

Logs per cache - Enter the maximum number of logs you want each cache to include. This number may not exceed 30.

Load settings - You can select a load setting (see "File=>Load gpx/loc file) that will be applied to the import of this data. Basically, when the api is used to fetch the data, a GPX file is generated and then loaded into GSAK. You can control how this file is loaded by associating a "load" setting with this fetch. If not sure then just use the default of "* Use GSAK defaults*" which will load the GPX file using the default GSAK settings (the same settings as if you checked the box "Use defaults" on the load dialog) 

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