GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)

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Method for Matching Placed and Found Caches (Tools=>Options=>General)

Use these radio buttons to define the way of identifying you as the person who placed a cache. This same method is used when interrogating logs to adjust your found count and other information.

You have three options:

Exact Match: GSAK compares the "Geocaching name" to what you enter here.  If the two match exactly, then GSAK recognises this as a placed cache. (Case is not significant!)

Allow wild card match: Case is not significant; GSAK applies wild card matching.  Wild cards supported are as follows:

* matches any substring (including null)
? matches any single character
# matches any numeric character (0..9)
@ matches any alphabetic character (A..Z, a..z)
$ matches any alphanumeric character
~ matches any non-alphanumeric, non-space character

Owner ID#: When you create your user ID and password at you are allocated a unique Owner ID (also known as Member ID). This number is shown your  profile here (Note: you will need to log into your account to see your "Member ID"). To find your ID number please see this link
GSAK also allows for multiple owner ID's. If you want GSAK to recognize more than one ID then separate them with a ; (semi colon) for example 12345;12346

RegEx - Use a regular expression to match the name of person. 

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